Real-time visualization and in-depth exploration of the synaptome of a single brain section

Synaptome Viewer

Synaptome Explorer is used for in-depth exploration of the synaptome of a single brain section. It enables interactive visualization of the brain region in full resolution, as captured by the microscope, and uses overlays to display the synaptic puncta and all their parameters, providing users with extensive parameter range filters to display subsets of puncta accordingly. The granularity of the data visualization is at the level of individual puncta, as users can click on a single punctum and see its parameters. An additional feature is region-based and tile-based filtered puncta statistics, where users can set up parameter range filters, select a combination of regions or subregions and interactively calculate statistics, such as mean intensity, mean size and density, visualized over the corresponding regions or tiles, respectively.

Tool Download

Click on the image to open the repository page to download the executable for the Synaptome Explorer. The application executable is synaptome_explorer_v2.exe. Click on download to install the application on your system.

Dataset Download

The dataset intended to be used with the Synaptome Explorer can be downloaded by clicking on the image below. The data is compressed as a single file, and opens into 11 folders (10 datasets and 1 for configurations) and 2 files when extracted.

Instructional Video

Click on the image below to view the instructional video describing the Synaptome Explorer. The video showcases the features implemented in the application.